Now you’ll have to agree with us when we say, a wedding is one of the most important moments of our lives. It’s a time to celebrate the love of a special couple.

Let’s explore some facts to gain some insight into the importance of having the right Brisbane Wedding DJ:

  • Brides said they would have spent more time choosing their entertainment in 72% of cases;
  • A staggering amount, almost 100%, said they would have allocated a larger budget on entertainment;
  • During wedding planning, 78% of Brides say their highest priorities were wedding dress, venue and caterer. After the wedding, almost 78% had different views, with their perspective shifting to entertainment as their highest priority;
  • 81% of guests say the most memorable part of the reception was the entertainment.

Looking at these stats, it’s clear that we often underestimate the importance of having the right wedding DJ.


Bride and groom playing a wedding game to the beat by Star DJ Hire expert DJ
bride, groom and their guests having fun with the Star DJ Hire experience

Star DJ Hire is a leading DJ and entertainment brand nationally, and this level of service is prominent in all capital cities, including Brisbane. We are a leading DJ supplier in Brisbane because of our commitment to you. Right from the moment you contact us, we demonstrate a passion for bringing your vision to reality. We’ll ask questions about what you plan the big day to look like and provide professional advice and recommendations to you.

We see our team as a support network for you, and we regularly provide tips and advice throughout the process. Having extensive experience in the wedding industry gives you access to a wealth of knowledge from our team.

Once a booking is made, you are assigned a dedicated event manager. The role of the event manager is making the rest of the process as seamless as possible. Some of their tasks include:

  • Recommending songs for key moments of the reception;
  • Recommending other suppliers to assist in bringing your vision to life;
  • Connecting with your venue’s event manager/wedding planner and arranging logistics with them;
  • Providing all of the relevant licenses and insurances upon request.

Some other important information to keep in mind about Star DJ Hire:

  • Our Brisbane team has over 10 wedding DJs, allowing us to match you with the perfect DJ;
  • Our DJs are licensed and have public liability insurance – this is something Brisbane venues will request;
  • Our team is regularly trained and upskilled;
  • Our Wedding DJ package includes all required equipment at no extra cost;
  • Our immediate library has tens of thousands of songs, with streaming capabilities allowing us access to every other song on the planet.

We stand by our level of Service